High Fliers

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High Fliers

Hypothesis: do pumpkins float or sink? What math facts can you glean from baking sugar cookies? Can you learn anything about teamwork from a game of soccer?

The Nest Christian Academy offers well-planned STEM after-school clubs that don’t just keep restless kids busy or entertained. Our High Fliers after-school clubs offer great developmental benefits that will help children academically and socially. We provide even more fun ways for kids to play, learn new skills and gain fresh experiences.

Club activities include everything from silly science to crazy games and learning centers. High Fliers spend a scheduled hour right after school doing extra-curricular learning activities that introduce them to topics and hobbies encouraging the development of new interests. High Flier classes will be announced for the 2023 school year in June, 2023

HIGH FLIER FEES: Why not check out some of our classes for keeping kids engaged and happy during our extra-curricular activities that are fun and fresh? High Fliers for 2022-2023 are available for students to sign up at The Nest. STEM and DANCE classes are $75/month plus $20 one time supply fee. (7-month term starting 10/4/22 - 4/24/23). Kids learn to think "outside the box” and gain fresh experiences. Ask for sign-up at The Nest. Baking classes are 4-weeks and total cost is $125 for each session (includes supply fee of $30). Check out more at The Nest school.