Suzanne Anderson

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Suzanne Anderson’s first book “The Story of the Plain Brown Wren” is an uplifting, educational children’s book following the tale of a young wren who experiences being marginalized by his birdie friends. Only when Wren demonstrates his strengths by saving the group of friends, do they discover they should recognize and honor God’s creation.

Through this creative, unique book from stories from another era, children are taught to celebrate and honor the unique gifts and talents we each possess. These are evergreen stories written by a child educator that still need to be heard.

Suzanne Anderson’s first book

The Story of the Plain Brown Wren

The story of the plain, brown wren teaches little children about God's incredible gifts and talents for all of His creation. Mocked and laughed at for her plainness, Wren helps her birdie friends discover how we should recognize and honor our unique characteristics. Wren saves her birdie friends using the special talent God gave her, and helps her friends learn a valuable lesson about boasting and bragging. Lessons straight out of God's Word are taught in this book that correlates with The Nest Christian Academy's biblically based curriculum.

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