Are you looking for an academically strong, Christian school with a vision to lead children to learn within the constructs of a Christian worldview?

Are you looking for a kindergarten program with a strong focus on the important skill of reading? Do you value a school whose mission includes building a love of learning in your child and ensuring they are well prepared for "big school"?

Is a small class size and the quality of the teaching and curriculum used important? You need to learn more about our Nest kindergarten program for your child.

Key Components of our Kindergarten Curriculum

  • T.E.K.S. (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten) compliant
  • Curriculum created and tested by Master’s prepared experienced educator. 
  • Literature rich, character based,  biblical program
  • Student to teacher ratio makes our program suitable for both advanced learners and learners who require individualized instruction
  • Biblical themes are foundational in the classroom
  • Strong focus on reading phonetically through a rigorous phonetic program
  • Augmented with  LexiaCore5 reading app for all students focused on:  phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension
  • Phonetic writing practice with spelling test and daily journaling
  • Strong “Sight Word” practice
  • Learning Dynamic Reader books for classroom and home use
  • Math objectives are met with a variety of teaching tools:   mathematical manipulatives, songs, workbooks, stations and games
  • Science objectives accomplished with learning stations and hands on experiments 
  • Use dramatic play and thematic learning stations or centers
  • Self-directed learning opportunities

Sample of a Kindergarten Theme: BEARS

  • Each child brings their favorite stuffed bear from home to share during circle time
  • Read: “A Bear Wants More”, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, “and “A Very Cranky Bear”
  • Sing and use motions for the song “Going on a Bear Hunt”
  • Outside scavenger hunt exploring and searching for their bears
  • Have each child use a measuring tape to organize and graph the stuffed animals from the shortest to the tallest
  • Serve Teddy Grahams treats and use as “counters” to solve math problems
  • Have a Teddy Bear picnic 
  • Arts and craft project  using a paper teddy bear template 
  • Extended learning (can be at home or school)  create a diorama of animal habitats 

The Nest Kindergarten Program Cost Effective August, 2023-2024

Is your summer birthday child ready to go to kindergarten?

A growing number of parents wait an extra year before enrolling their child in kindergarten, a practice sometimes called “academic redshirting”. Delaying kindergarten can have positive mental health benefits that last a lifetime. Feedback and reports from Nest parents show our kindergarten students are demonstrating high academic readiness for entering the next grade, and an added level of maturity that instills confidence, self-esteem, and positive peer relations.

Feedback from our parents and teachers show these students are often recognized as leaders and influencers in their elementary years. Kindergarten allows the opportunity for a small group instructional setting which is proven to be more beneficial for learners than a standard-sized classroom. As Nest educators and parents, we have witnessed delayed kindergarten benefitting our students who have chosen this path.

From Nest Parents


Attending Kindergarten at the Nest has been such a blessing for our family. My child has grown not only academically but socially and spiritually as well. Our teacher has gone above and beyond to ensure the kids love learning. My daughter looks forward to school everyday. I know she will be so much more confident in school going forward.

Mom of a Kindergartener

I cannot say enough good things about the kindergarten program at The Nest! Everyday after school my son can't stop talking about all the fun activities that he did and the things he is learning. I'm always impressed with the organization of the staff, directors, and the kindergarten teacher. The teacher is phenomenal-she loves her students, pushes them to learn while having fun, and works tirelessly to make sure every detail of the kinder program is perfect. The curriculum is outstanding and I appreciate that everyone at the Nest goes above and beyond to make sure my son is being pushed to his level and potential. Not many kindergarteners can say they made their own pizza, went on a bear hunt, did a pumpkin volcano experiment, made snow, and learned regular lessons about Jesus all in one school year! We love the Nest so much. It is truly the best!

Mom of a Kindergartener

The decision to choose the Nest for Kindergarten was by far the best decision we could have made for our child's education. Our daughter has flourished in her class and is already moving onto first grade material. Her teacher is an absolute dream to work with. There is no doubt she loves what she does and it shows. We are so thankful we chose the Nest for Kindergarten. We would do it 1000 times over if we could!

Mom of a Kindergartener