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Nest Curriculum

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Students learn the story of Zacchaeus meeting Jesus.
Godly character traits come alive for preschoolers when we introduce the Bible story. Our teachers share the story along with guided reading questions from the daily lesson plan. The children are introduced to the character trait “trust” a theme of the unit
In that same unit, children read the classic story
An additional literary reference in Unit Five is the classic story “The Mitten” by Jan Brett
The teacher reads the guided reading questions from the lesson plan
connecting it back to the unit biblical theme as Zacchaeus meets Jesus. The questions asked throughout the lesson assess the child’s comprehension of The Mitten using Bloom’s Taxonomy strategies that ensure critical thinking.
The age appropriate literature selections engage the learner
through a variety of texts which include nonfiction, fantasy and realistic fiction. All books chosen for this unit have a generalized theme referencing either the character word or the unit Bible story